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Mongoose MPF-S
Mongoose MPF-S

Can't see the front of your vehicle or judge the distance when parking nose into a wall, vehicle or other obstacle? This front parking sensors solve that problem and can avoid expensive repairs, not only to your vehicle but also to what you may have hit! The sensors switch on automatically when the brake pedal is pressed.



  • 2 bumper mounted sensors (up to 4 upon request)

  • 22.5mm detachable heads for easy service or vehicle repair

  • Control module - 3 wire

  • Bumper hole cutting tool

  • Can be painted to match your vehicle

*Detection distances vary according to fitted height and obstacles being detected.

Note: Parking sensors are a driving aid and the usual driving precautions should be taken. Sensors may not detect all possible objects/obstructions. Audible warning distances are approximate and will vary according to vehicle type, fitted height and width and the type of object to be detected.

Note: When driving at very high motorway speeds or in rain, activating the sensors by pressing the brake pedal may cause the buzzer to sound briefly due to wind pressure or water being detected. An on/off switch camn be fitted as an option.