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AVS 3010
AVS 3010

The AVS 3010 car alarm is a great choice for people wanting a basic and reliable system with all the necessary security features and the support of a known alarm brand. Door, bonnet and boot alarm triggers help protection the cabin of the vehicle from intrusion. Plus with dual immobilisation the car cannot be started unless disarmed by remote. The AVS 3010 also includes two waterproof remotes. Unlike remotes on many basic alarms (which are designed for price not quality) these waterproof remotes have the same reliability and build quality as on our top models. The buttons are clearly marked and easy to push.


Standard siren - The siren will sound for 30 seconds if any of above intrusions are detected.



  • The original hyper blue LED warning light

  • Three year product warranty including the remotes

  • Compatible with many AVS accessories and sensors

  • Many programmable options