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The AVS A5 is a great Five Star car alarm packed full of good features and all at an affordable price. Intrusion detection is provided by an intelligent glass break sensor that needs to also register an impact to trigger to the false triggers that standard glass break sensors can be prone to. And if you have a turbo car, like many kiwis do, then the AVS A5 includes seamless turbo timer integration. You can also use either the waterproof AVS remotes, or your car’s factory remote to operate the alarm.



  • Courier function – this feature allows the engine to continue running indefinitely while the system is armed. If the car alarm is triggered during this time the car will shut down and the alarm will sound.

  • Control separate devices, such as your garage door, via your AVS remote

  • The original hyper blue LED warning light

  • Three year product warranty including the remotes

  • Compatible with the CAN-Bus translator for installation into new vehicles with CAN-Bus operating systems

  • Compatible with all AVS accessories and sensors

  • Many programmable options