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Mongoose M80G
Mongoose M80G

The M80G is the ultimate Mongoose security system as it is equipped with THREE automatic engine immobilisers (which may be in addition to any factory immobilisation), full alarm functions, 2 stage impact sensor (G model), microphone glass break sensor, 'Standards' all black wiring, battery back-up siren and a range of programmable options. The M80G model has the additional benefit of a 2 stage impact/shock sensor. Supplied with two weatherproof remote controls.



  • Triple circuit automatic engine immobilisation

  • Protects bonnet, boot and all doors

  • Battery back-up siren 

  • 2 stage impact sensor

  • Microphone glass break sensor

  • 2 x 3 button water resistant remote controls

  • Silent arm/disarm by remote

  • Sensor disable by remote

  • 'Panic' by remote

  • Car finder by remote

  • Chirp and indicator confirmation of arming status

  • Built-in turbo timer - programmable on/off and 1 to 5 min'

  • Blue dashboard LED

  • LED trigger and open circuit diagnostics

  • 4 digit PIN code override

  • Programme your own PIN code to a number you will not forget ! 

  • Standards black wiring and concealed main plug

  • Built-in central locking relays

  • 2 stage unlock (optional connection)

  • Boot release (optional connection)

  • Dome light supervision (optional connection)

  • 12 programmable features

  • 5 year product warranty